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No Description...
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RIP Windows XP 2001- April 8 2014
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Dato Divertido: Mi primer video de ganar mas de 1,000 vistas en mi canal de YouTube Video Original: https://youtube.com/shorts/...
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shutdown -s -t 60 -c
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https://yt2009-wfvn.onrender.com/ ICYFOXGAMING: https://icyfoxgaming.neocities.org My profiles: https://playmobilknight335.n...
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Yes, this video was entirely recorded, edited and uploaded on Windows XP in 2022... WOW!
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This is a very old video from 2010 made in Movie Maker. xD -- Techy Info: Editor: Movie Maker. -- ©Cazzy. 💜
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This was the setup music used when you install Windows XP for the first time. Enjoy the video!
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windows xp jtcag edition parody was a parody video, because i make fun of the notorious josh aka jtcag, so yeah, even though jtcag ...
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In this video, we'll be exploring Windows XP Delta Edition! Windows XP Delta Edition is a modification of Windows XP which aims to...
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This video is probably from 2016. It was orignally on the OG VidBit, enjoy. x3 -- Song Used: Microsoft Sam Sings About Windows X...
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No Description...
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I don't own this song. Orginal video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsU3B0W3TMs
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Messing around on Windows XP
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