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3 years ago 42 views CzechWinter
My goin' off on the beat for a demo thingy. ^-^
2 years ago 41 views verbalaseBeatBox
Funniest advertisement
5 years ago 19 views TimoTinto
A vintage Barbie commercial from the 1970s.
2 months ago 133 views Futureviewer
Original Commercials: Target SpongeBob Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUioqiRxeZY Burger King SpongeBob Kids Me...
3 years ago 91 views ImmaSpingebill
The legendary Motorola RAZR V3 Advertisement, the Moto Transformer Ad. As far as I know, this is the highest quality available, alo...
2 years ago 85 views phenom
it does things! for the infomercials contest thing
3 months ago 67 views eli
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3 years ago 54 views nana82354213
Advertisement of the Sega CD The add on to the Genesis homie
1 year ago 51 views TheRealOGOver9000
2 years ago 45 views OldVideoRepository
hoh-sis-AH UH UH AH EH UH! over and over again! HAIL YTP'S LORD, SAVIOR AND MESSIAH CS188!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago 35 views WeAreAllWeebs
1 month ago 28 views Stoohp
felt like reuploading my favorite pepsi twist ad lol
8 months ago 28 views TheBonOdori
2 years ago 30 views OldVideoRepository
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