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Yeah...it's my first video with my voice :D oh god i sound like demon :(( plz givve 5 starz and comment :d thx for watching
1 year ago 390 views claytonc123
Finally! I am free...Enjoy! and no comments.
1 year ago 230 views claytonc123
This is only part 1 so yeah! Also this is was really hard to make so PLZ WHAT PART 2 :(((
1 year ago 170 views claytonc123
warning not to play new version because it crashes after a couple of seconds
2 years ago 625 views builder56
I found this character while I was recording my gameplay. My phone crashed for some reason after that...!
1 year ago 160 views ShadowPumpkin
messing around with TNT in the new update (on a sidenote my backlog of videos is done and anything after this should actually be n...
2 weeks ago 16 views Masher
showing off survival since I hadn't gotten to play it until now
2 weeks ago 32 views Masher
i made thsi a while ago but forgot to upload
2 years ago 315 views builder56