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Back in 2017, haha. xD Yes, really. This was the video ever video I made/uploaded for this website. xD I don't have Bitchute anym...
2 weeks ago 56 views Cazzy
Back when VidLii was a better place... Man, I miss OG VidBit & VidLii back in 2017... Sadly VidLii is a very dangerous & ...
5 days ago 177 views Cazzy
Entry for November 2020 Winter Contest Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IxGwCoG6IQ
2 years ago 47 views AdrianMagana
I made this in 2011. I found this text to speech programme on my Dell laptop at the time, so my brother & I thought it'll be fu...
4 days ago 29 views Cazzy
I did this randomly on Movie Maker in Windows Vista probably back in 2016. My videos from 2010 used to be like this made n Movie M...
1 week ago 23 views Cazzy
Original Uploader by YT user : Fred Blankenburg Here's Original Link https://youtu.be/8PixjXxa14U Uploaded on May 29, 2013...
1 month ago 36 views raz
Old video from 2011, enjoy. xD -- Song Used: Forget You - Ceelo Green. -- Techy Info: Camera: Webcam & Sony Cybershot. E...
3 days ago 16 views Cazzy
Music video I made in 2014, enjoy. xD Sorry about the pitch on the audio, a lot of my music videos are like that because of YouTub...
3 days ago 16 views Cazzy