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it does things! for the infomercials contest thing
3 months ago 67 views eli
Made in 2010, freshman year of high school We made sports drinks in science class. Ours was called Bluud. Our slogan was "S...
2 years ago 22 views SilentScreamVideos
Tämä pätkä olisi löytynyt jo eräästä aiemmastakin Bordin videosta paremmalla laadulla kuin mitä alun perin latasin, mutta ...
4 weeks ago 24 views loreca
I don't own this!
4 months ago 107 views Windows98
Yksi suosikkini. Jos oikein muistan, niin tämä mainos löytyy kolmesta eri Juuso Bordin videosta. Mainos on ymmärtääkseni vuod...
4 months ago 22 views loreca
A vintage Barbie commercial from the 1970s.
2 months ago 133 views Futureviewer
Orb is a free and open source web desktop, which simulates a Windows-like desktop in a web browser. You can use it to access files ...
3 months ago 40 views WebtopChannel
Näitä löytyikin ilmeisesti enemmän kuin muistin.
2 months ago 15 views loreca
Commodore C64 Ask The Computers Commercial
1 week ago 7 views Commodore
Original one on YouTube got deleted so please share this vid if you interested.
3 years ago 111 views T2347688700
Alussa edellisestä mainoksesta pieni palanen, jota en voinut leikata pois (ellei BitView sitten leikannut).
2 months ago 5 views loreca
Commodore Amiga 1000 Commercial
1 week ago 4 views Commodore
Sign up today! https://bwitter.me
2 years ago 102 views Morgan
music i made last night take this as an apology fornot uploading yesterday new videoprobably today or tomorrow?? idk
3 months ago 51 views eli
Legendary movie
5 months ago 41 views KindaAverageTech
POLSKI: najlepszy raper Rzeczpospolitej ENGLISH: the best rapper of Rzeczpospolita
2 years ago 31 views maciekkk
Original Commercials: Target SpongeBob Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUioqiRxeZY Burger King SpongeBob Kids Me...
3 years ago 91 views ImmaSpingebill
The legendary Motorola RAZR V3 Advertisement, the Moto Transformer Ad. As far as I know, this is the highest quality available, alo...
2 years ago 85 views phenom
Promos are usually added into the episodes for a kick, recently i found a another channel with more of them so im putting them her...
7 months ago 63 views SouthPark
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