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This is the audio for Lukas Zone when it is down which is made for visually impaired people, blind people, and just people who want...
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Because I don't care if my website gets leaked, I made a recording showing the earliest stages of Lukas Zone 1.5. sorry if I scared...
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After a whole month of delay, I have finished Lukas Zone 2.1! Enjoy new pages such as Test Results, Software review, and more!
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[All audio is from the YouTube Audio Library] Sorry about all of the rendering bugs, VideoPad sucks. ----------------------------...
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Note: The video wont play in 16:9 if it is on the channel page or is embedded. Audio is from the YouTube audio library. ---------...
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ITS FINALLY HAPPENING. Thanks to all of my Subscribers for making this possible!
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A meme talking about how I made one of the largest file names on neocities. "Go to https://lukaszone.neocities.org/WTXW6XW6Wt8...
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This video shows new contact information that anyone can use to contact me. There is a strange bug on VideoPad where uploading as a...
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After 12 days, Lukas Zone social has officially been finished. Link: https://www.lukaszonesocial.yooco.org
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For LukasZone Contest
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