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I edited this in 2018, enjoy! I remember being so bored out my mind, so I decided to make this. XD -- Song Used: Shooting Star ...
1 week ago 22 views Cazzy
I randomly did an Animal Crossing music video one day, haha, enjoy! xD -- Song Used: Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliché - ...
4 days ago 22 views Cazzy
Sorry about to audio distortion on this video. This was my FIRST EVER video edited in Final Cut Pro X. This was a collab with Val...
1 week ago 73 views Cazzy
Unreleased music video for Avril's song Mobile, from her debut album Let Go
1 year ago 54 views TalalQ8
Music video I made in 2014, enjoy. xD -- Song Used: Rock 'N' Roll - Avril Lavigne. I don't own this song. -- Techy Info: Cam...
1 day ago 7 views Cazzy
The internet (not the original)
2 years ago 47 views hotguy126
This video was from 2013. -- Song Used: Radio - Hot Chelle Rae. I don't own the song used, all rights go to original owners. -...
5 days ago 16 views Cazzy
This video was made in 2013 or so, it was fun! xD -- Song Used: Champaign Showers - LMFAO I don't own the song used, all rights...
1 week ago 15 views Cazzy