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Hello, this is 6bzt from April 2022. I'd just like to say that I really don't use this as much as before, so don't expect any more content from me. My motivation for making videos here has run out since mid 2021.

(Suffering from LegoBuilder9000 effect)
Interests and Hobbies: Taking L's
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Now for partners! The future is here and now, sit down and relax with some cutting...  more
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Presented by @Herotrap More: https://www.bitview.net/blog 
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i hate tht stupid plaze. game kild me!!!! 
6bzt commented on Welcome to 2010! (Layout Update Summary) (5 months ago)
"@tai7kmusic You're right; I just realized it really is late 2009. I shouldn't have ..."  more
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Never mind! It didn't cut off! I guess it's now too late to fix this error. Just cl...  more
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