Fat CJ Speedrun (GTA San Andreas)
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Fortnite OG gameplay
just before omegle was closed
KoRn - Blind (VHS CAPTURE)
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May 13, 2018
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This channel makes no sense.
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Farewell forever to the map of chapter 1 
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Farewell forever to the map of chapter 1 
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77Pacer (3 days ago)
Good morning to you too! Sorry for late rely, never got any BitView notifications.
Cazzy (6 days ago)
Oh wow & Spain doesn't rain that much well the parts I've been to don't. xD I've probably never been to the north of Spain. xD
Steamy (1 week ago)
es como fak
Antrax (1 week ago)
I hope your mother gets better, and you had a good Thanksgiving I don't know why I can't comment on your channel, when I post the comment it cancels it and I said I must wait 5 minutes to post another message (with other channels it doesn't happen to me).
white7 (1 week ago)
its nice.
Bratz2002 (1 week ago)
i think youd like thanksgiving, the dinner that's served is delicious. we eat turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, ham, rolls, and some other stuff. im not having my thanksgiving until tomorrow. i was supposed to have it with my mom, but she's sick, so i couldnt visit her. my stepmom is cooking thanksgiving dinner at our apartment, but she worked yesterday, so she's cooking our dinner tomorrow.
Cazzy (1 week ago)
We don't get white Chrismas's sadly. ;-; I fucking wish we did, I'd LOVE a white Christmas. As far as I can remember we didn't get a white Christmas, but always wanted one. Sometimes we get snow, last year we got some when I was on vacation, but wasn't snowed in though or sometimes we get it in January or Feburary, but last few years we haven't had terrible snowstorms in years. xD It rains in England A LOT. ;-;
white7 (1 week ago)
thank you.
Cazzy (1 week ago)
24th December is Christams Eve, 25th is Chrismas Day & 26th is Boxing Day. I don't think you guys have Boxing Day in USA, it's basically like Black Friday after Thanksgiving pretty much, but after Christmas Day, hahaha.xD
white7 (1 week ago)
i was busy with friends and had not time to do much
awesome page
i love it.
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