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My Pac-Man World Re-Pac Random Gameplay On PS5
My Atari 2600 Related Videos!
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My Atari 2600 Related Videos! more info
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January 1, 2024
Due To My TheAtariGamer64 channel not working properly, I figured I create another username similar to it! Update: As Of January 20th, 2024, I have changed my username from AtariGamer64 to RetroNModernGamer64
About Me:
Hi Everyone, this is TheVideoGamer64's last channel. I created this channel on January 1st, 2024 due to my TheAtariGamer64 channel not working properly. This is the last channel of mine on here.

What to expect on this channel is strictly Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, and Atari Jaguar related videos. I will be adding news on anything Atari related. I will be showing gameplay footage of some classic Atari games that I did a long time ago. I will be showing my pickups related to Atari and more. Feel free to subscribe to my AtariGamer64 channel and my other channels I have boxed in the feature channels. If you love gaming and Atari, or just gaming in general, then feel free to subscribe to see more videos. I will be adding gaming videos on this channel and my other channels. Enjoy everyone and keep on gaming and keep collecting what y'all love to collect! :)
United States
A Gamer At Heart With A Passion Of Dedicating My Channel To Making Y'all Happy!!!! :)
Gaming On Atari, & Other Gaming Consoles!
The Beatles, and anything that's classic in general! :)
Channel Comments (18)
ozzyguy100 (3 weeks ago)
Happy (be late) New Year to you too. :) (sorry for the very late reply)
Bratz2002 (1 month ago)
did you get the message i sent you?
whitey1 (1 month ago)
atari 2600 was my favorite
whitey1 (1 month ago)
VideoGuy826Returns (1 month ago)
Did you see opposite day video on a done-to-death breakup song: http://www.bitview.net/watch?v=4cxif8BS other than that, I seem to be doing fine
Griffen (1 month ago)
i'm good! how are you ??
Griffen (1 month ago)
hello !!!
PMK335 (1 month ago)
thanks, VGR :)
knucklehead (1 month ago)
Thank you for the comment! I hope you're having a great day and a great new year as well. I accidentally declined your friend request but if you send it again I'll accept it this time.
Cazzy (1 month ago)
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