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Happy Thanksgiving 2023!
Daylight savings time 2023!
Random stories for BitView.Part one.
Dhruv Mohbe
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November 10, 2022
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2 weeks ago
About Me:
I am 13 years old and live illinois United States of America.I like to do stuff such as thinking and i also like some old stuff such as old style social media websites.I also actually joined the BitView on november 9 2022.I also comment a lot here.
United States
I enjoy thinking and i imagine doing some retrocomputing
The Angry Birds Movie
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
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DhruvMohbe uploaded a new video (2 weeks ago)
Enjoy your Thanksgiving this year!Gobble Gobble! 
DhruvMohbe commented on Happy Halloween everyone! (4 weeks ago)
"@MoneyMan787 Dang bro R.I.P." 
DhruvMohbe commented on Daylight savings time 2023! (4 weeks ago)
"@DidrickNam Ah ok." 
DhruvMohbe commented on Daylight savings time 2023! (1 month ago)
"@DidrickNam Nice.Has your sleep been quite good since then?" 
DhruvMohbe became friends with thecoolman54 (1 month ago)
Channel Comments (93)
DhruvMohbe (2 weeks ago)
@AlpacaGamerNoo Wait,what?That is strange.How is that possible?End of a era I guess i'm not sure.
hotdiggedydemon (3 weeks ago)
AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gunshots* *screaming children*
Sealington (3 weeks ago)
do you watch drew durnil too?
AlpacaGamerNoo (4 weeks ago)
Well here's the issue, cuz u sent me so much emails, and u gave me so many viruzez!! I can't login anymore, anyways, if you wanna add me, hit me up on My Scord verychristianromanian (yes, very bad pun i made)
AlpacaGamerNoo (4 weeks ago)
Well here's the issue, cuz u sent me so much emails, MY WHOLE GMAIL ACCOUNT GOT LCOKED!!! I LITERLLYYY CANNOT GET BACK IN CUZ IT TELL ME ÖH UR PASSWORD ROMG"EVEN DO ITS DA CORRECT PASSWORD!!!!!! (Anyways if you wanna add me my discord is " verychristianromanian ")
DhruvMohbe (4 weeks ago)
@AlpacaGamerNoo Also,since I haven't really been sending you mail at all,I have been starting to think that maybe I should do it again!But this time it would be a surprise...
DhruvMohbe (4 weeks ago)
@AlpacaGamerNoo Oh hey there!In case you are wondering yes I know I haven't really sent you any mail at all just been doing stuff and all you know?
AlpacaGamerNoo (1 month ago)
hey dude, havent seen u since u destroyed my mail!!!!! wanna add me on discord?
DhruvMohbe (1 month ago)
@jovidmtp Ko.
jovidmtp (1 month ago)
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