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Redesigning iOS 6【 Ep. 1 】
New Social Website Update Log December 10, 2023
New Social Website Update Log December 10, 2023
Channel Comments (10)
KnotSnappy (1 month ago)
@EleanorFoxQueer unfortunately after having it up for a quite a while now, I had to temporarily close it due to low usage and high costs while I'm completely broke. I will bring it back up when I can financially support it and spend more time on developing and promoting it. Thanks for your interest and I suggest staying subscribed so you can see when it's back up!
EleanorFoxQueer (1 month ago)
I cant go to your website :(
It says the website cant be reached :((
alphapirats (2 months ago)
nice website 👍
KnotSnappy (3 months ago)
@eclecRC hey!! I didn't know you had an account here, that's awesome! Glad to see you again. Thank you so much for partner!!
eclecRC (3 months ago)
Great to see you around, KnotSnappy. I used to go by 11ryanc. I help moderate this place now. I gave you Partner so you can upload in HD.
DatGamerYolo (1 year ago)
you fell off + ratio
vistafan12 (3 years ago)
MyKirbyVL2016Atar (4 years ago)
@KnotSnappy bitview if you username mykirbyvl2016atar.
gltr02 (4 years ago)
KnotSnappy (4 years ago)
Lol I just found out BitView only works on my phone, not my computer. Can’t watch videos because of this ;(