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Lo0n (1 year ago)
Lo0n (2 years ago)
hey guys. so if your wondering why there is no download link from groovyblox 2006 is because it was shutted down due to server freezing and buggy so i had to discontinue and make it no longer playable :(
Lo0n (2 years ago)
hey guys im working on an roblox 2007 revival sadly you have to host and join manually so stay tuned
Lo0n (2 years ago)
Hey guys i had finnaly logged in on my old BitView Account called PyxlBlox yeah that used to be my old goodblox account. And my old bitvoew account was actually created on the October of 2020 actually :P
0aoiad (2 years ago)
hey i m on robloxhub as well:) how are you???
BaraemTVUTTP2021 (2 years ago)