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Looper Oxy
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April 18, 2023
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1 month ago
About Me:
Hello muthafucka! I'm Lak, but you can call me Looper, Oxy, Souless, or Cooper. Most people go by Looper or Oxy lol. I'm a goth scene kid rivet-head vampire from Brazil haha... I'm also a veeeery edgy film maker, animator, music maker, artist and writer. My main inspirations are: David Firth, Ghostcamp (bestieeee), TomSka, Cyriak, Jhonen Vasquez and Edd Gould. I am working on two series, one called "Frankly Darth" (or Frandar idk) that is about a group of preteens/teens destroying the lives of people they hate, and other called MacroSystem (inspired by Miss Caleb), That is about a clandestine detective called Maurice (but going also as Macro) that goes to his dead grandfathers mansion to investigate his murder but results in everything turning into chaos.

Other stuff:
I go by she/her and they/them.
I am pansexual (with female lean), agender (Questioning) and aromantic.
I don't do comissions, for a while...
I am a minor.

DNI LIST: homophobes, straightphobes, racists, xenophobes, transphobes, MAPs/pedophiles, nazis, zoophiles, necrophiles, anti-goths, noia/funkeiros, "Alpha male", red pills (virgins), incels, fanatics.

Joke DNI LIST: eyeless kinnie, Star kinnie, think Trump-kun is a better waifu than Obama-chan, weebs, wojaktard.
Draw, animate, listen to music, watch videos, play Roblox, read books, mangas/comics, watch cartoons, roleplay with besties.
Marmaduke, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie, Sweeney Todd, The Princess And The Frog, any Scooby Doo 2000's live action.
Electro-Punk, Dark Cabaret, Post-Punk, EBM, Industrial, Emocore, Punk Rock.
Ranfren, Lenore the cute little dead girl, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, i Feel sick, Squee!
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Just Me rambling about random stuff 
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Just Me rambling about random stuff 
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Angelcakez official trailer. Angelcakez is coming soon.  
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HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! Last day of 2023? That's CRAZY! :O This my 2023 montage ak...  more
Channel Comments (7)
CynicalPallet (2 months ago)
pffft me cague de risa XD
LooperOxy (2 months ago)
If youre reading this shit idfk why give me questions for QnA video pls im running out of content
RaspberryHoodie (5 months ago)
do yall know how to change a username??
LooperOxy (5 months ago)
+hotdiggedydemon no bro, its too small to even have blood veins in the first place.
VannioAlnule (6 months ago)
Le Fuck?
hotdiggedydemon (6 months ago)
can you suck the blood out of my penis
LooperOxy (9 months ago)
hi guys