Nathaniel Munoz
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Age: 20
I'm a 20 year old dude who draws, makes videos, voice act (Sometimes), and does what I love, making music, or just sleeping during the day. Yo hablan esp tambien (pq soy argentino equis de)
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Interests and Hobbies: Music production, animation, voice acting, playing video games sometimes, draw a lot, even going out sometimes.
Movies and Shows: Community, Malcolm in the Middle, Scarface, Regular Show,
Music: A Day to Remember, As I Lay Dying, Sum 41, Yellowcard, Finch, Limp Bizkit, Taking Back Sunday, all that stuff you know?
Books: Scott Pilgrim, uhhh...
Status: Single
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Friends and stuff!!!!!!
My name is Mori. I'm a songwriter/composer and amateur game developer from Canada. ...
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Jeffo (1 month ago)
Amazing animation upload :)
Punked (3 months ago)
One of the greatest channels here in BitView
Haiyin (6 months ago)
deja los bots
rolypolyphonic (2 years ago)
nice bro
paris201 (2 years ago)
When will you return to this website?
Punked (3 years ago)
noah (5 years ago)
you from new york you said? What part?
weegee (5 years ago)
if you not destroy mario and become into my slave i will destroy you!
weegee (5 years ago)
gryffindor44 (5 years ago)
testing out subs and you were my first sub :)

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