Lamar Berry
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Age: 39
Hi,my name is Lamar(Sometimes La Mar if you prefer).I am a diehard Price Is Right fan.I am from New Orleans, LA.I also love to travel.This is a Price Is Right-themed channel.I will post other material here,too.This is a Price Is Right channel. If you're a loyal friend and true of the Price Is Right,this channel's for you!
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, video games and computers
Movies and Shows: Coming To America,Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,Follow That Bird
Music: Earth, Wind & Fire
Books: Magazines,comic books,graphic novels,how to draw books
Status: Single
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Cazzy (2 weeks ago)
Thank you! :D
OfficialLamarBerry (4 weeks ago)
Hi, It's Lamar.I had another account, SuperLamarBerry,but I got locked out of that account,so I had to make a new one.So,this is my official account,hence my username, OfficialLamarBerry.Here are the channel rules:No spamming,no bullying, don't talk about the pandemic, terrorism,or Donald Trump.If you fail to follow those rules,you will be banned from the channel! Otherwise,have fun!


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