Gothic & Lots of fun!
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Age: 23
I'm a person who wants to relive the old days.

Yes, im the same Reiko from 2019/2020.
Country: United States
Interests and Hobbies: Video Games
Movies and Shows: Old Movies and Old Shows
Music: 80s music, New Wave
Books: Manga
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007: Everything or Nothing [GBA]
2 months ago 37 views Reiko
GTA Advance
2 months ago 66 views Reiko
2 months ago 85 views Reiko
Blips is down (Or well, for me it is)...
3 months ago 86 views Reiko
Cannon Films logo
3 months ago 28 views Reiko
Floaty Roy
3 months ago 31 views Reiko
Boy's Don't Cry - Lipstick
3 months ago 22 views Reiko
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Inocent Days
1 year ago 24 views Spring
Scooby weekends
3 years ago 538 views SuperSpaceMan230
Saul Goodman 3d
1 year ago 113 views mecha
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My old channel.
A troubled boy with autism.
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Kazuya (2 days ago)
hope you're doing well king. we miss you
jr (1 week ago)
i honestly think he's dead at this point
pizza (1 week ago)
i feel sad over you disappearing entirely. i worry that you're dead. i think of you fairly often, hoping that youll come back with a story to tell about your disappearance, but every day seems less & less likely... Reiko i hope youre okay, wherever you are in the universe
Cazzy (3 weeks ago)
Hey! I hope you're okay!
jr (1 month ago)
YOU GOOD? I haven't seen you do anything since the 3rd of last month
BoredWithADHD (1 month ago)
Cool channel
pizza (1 month ago)
I hope you're doing okay.
rafaa (2 months ago)
I'm doing great, it's nice to see that bitview has changed a lot lol
rafaa (3 months ago)
hey, how are you?
MylarBalloon (3 months ago)
if I was born 10-20 years before I would had been old enough to listen to Power 612 Radio Kiel radio station when it started in 1998 and not being in SFO/School and had to deal with "adults" telling me what to listen to and do. I really disliked the baby boomer pedagogues/teachers I had to deal with.
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