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I made the new BitView Christmas yoodle!
Another Bitview DEMO
Bittoco: Who are we?
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September 29, 2023
About Me:
Hello, I'm RysieQu!

I'm from Poland, but most if not all of the videos here should be in English language! Friend requests are welcome!

On this channel you will find:

- Fake lost media,
- Music I create,
- Recreations (such as Username:666 on BitView!)

More stuff about me below!
Composing digital music in FL Studio, making short vids with the 80s/90s/E2000s style.
Stranger Things, United 93, The Theory of Everything, Genius (Disney+/National Geographic).
Pop, jazz, classical, overall peaceful music.
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RysieQu commented on My YT2009 Frontend Showcase (1 week ago)
"@Rogora that's not the only yt2009 public instance" 
RysieQu commented on My YT2009 Frontend Showcase (1 week ago)
RysieQu commented on So VidLii's back... LET'S DESTROY IT (3 weeks ago)
"@koopdawhoop it's better not to try finding out yourself" 
RysieQu became friends with whitey1 (1 month ago)
"@Mihail nah that's not it, I think it's just that it would be a little complicated ..."  more
Channel Comments (28)
RysieQu (4 weeks ago)
\/ actually wait that's a horrible fucking idea i should start working on it again
RysieQu (4 weeks ago)
@tamik2009 i think i'm cancelling it for the time being and i'll redo a lot better it when the 2010 layout is fully out
tamik2009 (4 weeks ago)
When is the 666 video? (Disapponiated :((()
RysieQu (1 month ago)
@tamik2009 ah i just forgot to change it
tamik2009 (1 month ago)
Why does the channel title say Merry Christmas? Didn't Christmas just end?
RysieQu (1 month ago)
@GamerDude hello
GamerDude (1 month ago)
RysieQu (1 month ago)
@43videosbitview hello
@tamik2009 yep, he's showing various behind the scenes now! so now i'm not the only one who has the 666 textures :PPP
@vistafan12 też się zastanawiam
vistafan12 (1 month ago)
666 video kiedy
tamik2009 (1 month ago)
Can't be the only one, but today I went to Piropito's YT channel, and was shocked to see the behind the scenes for Another YouTube, user666, sm666... Is it just me or did you see it?
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