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A chaotic time with Baldi (Oh no.)
How to make a iDeneb Install DVD (tutorial)
A Thank You Message (130 Subscribers Special)
The Lotus Smart Suite Experience!
Landon Smith
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August 1, 2023
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This channel is dedicated to oldschool tech reviews and tutorials!

Feel free to send suggestions or feedback to [email protected]!
About Me:
Hey! How ya doin'?

I'm SJL, a person who loves making home videos for BitView!

Videos are published whenever I really have the time, but that's better than nothing, I guess!
United States
BitView Content...maker...guy.
Music, Video Production/Editing
Everybody Loves Raymond, The King of Queens, StarWars, Fraiser, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Huey Lewis and The News
Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different
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SJL commented on A chaotic time with Baldi (Oh no.) (2 hours ago)
"My Baldi impression is a bit rusty... lol." 
SJL rated a video: (3 hours ago)
In this video, we'll be taking a look at a parody of 90's edutainment games, Baldi'...  more
SJL uploaded a new video (4 hours ago)
In this video, we'll be taking a look at a parody of 90's edutainment games, Baldi'...  more
SJL subscribed to lukas7832 (3 days ago)
SJL rated a video: (1 week ago)
In this video, I'll show ya'll how to make a iDeneb 1.3 Hackintosh Install DVD. ...  more
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SJL (1 week ago)
@Alessandro Thanks!
Alessandro (1 week ago)
I love your content!
SJL (1 week ago)
@SinopBecker Thank you!!
SinopBecker (1 week ago)
congarts dude you almost hit 130 subs!
SJL (1 week ago)
@TheNateDawg I will definitely think about your suggestion. I don’t really have many video ideas (currently) to be honest, so I really appreciate the idea.
TheNateDawg (1 week ago)
oh! do you also know of any good retro web browsers for windows XP? like ones that run fast? :D
TheNateDawg (1 week ago)
yooo i saw your account on owler!! :D you should make a video about retro websites to visit on a windows XP virtual machine
TB1 (2 weeks ago)
You remind me of someone named mjd hmmmm??
Alessandro (2 weeks ago)
holy smokes!
SJL (2 weeks ago)
111 Subscribers! WOW! Thank you guys!!
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