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Hello it's claytonc123 channel and i guess you came here to watch my vids right?

Well then good...watching?

Yeah also you can follow me on steam!

Country: Ukraine
Interests and Hobbies: Playing Games
Movies and Shows: Saw II
Music: Paralyzer
Books: Book About Cats :D
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claytonc123 (9 months ago)
I'm gone to youtube.
Maybe ill post here too.
so yeah.

and also to the guy that sayed russia is gay.
1. im from ukraine
2. yes indeed.

So yeah bye now :D

fsasafsafafs (10 months ago)
russia is gay
claytonc123 (1 year ago)
Back :DD
CalmCreeper360 (1 year ago)
Halo Reach you said!?
Thats awesome :D
claytonc123 (1 year ago)
Bad news: World From Bitview minecraft series is lost so...
we need to start from clear and... i dunno what to do! Please Help me with ideas D:

Here -->
thx :3
claytonc123 (1 year ago)
Going to post some halo reach stuff because...well i got it then why not make some vids with it right?
Insperadox (1 year ago)
nice videos man! my fav is cat fortress
claytonc123 (1 year ago)
FINALLY BitView Minecraft Series Part 2 is out!
Go watch it!
claytonc123 (1 year ago)
BitView Minecraft Series Part 2 will not be released because bitview can't handle somemuch long video...sorry.
but i will wait for bitview make about to me upload part 2, so yeah let's wait for bitview update and hope will be uploaded.
BigheadGaming (1 year ago)
same here

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