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hi im epic
- sometimes posting a random content on here (reuploads and shitposts)
- using this channel for commenting, etc.

if you want, you can subscribe, it's your decision
Country: Poland
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3 months ago 77 views epic
Fingerprint access on Windows XP
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Windows Media Player visualizer
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Type your text
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Sample photos from Windows Vista
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epic intro - the sequel
5 months ago 27 views epic
flourish.mid fish
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//Flash warning// COME WITH ME X3
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"ai-vi-zi-em" Hello, i'm ivzm. I make the various content (example: gaming, tech...
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smossh (2 weeks ago)
epic is epic
Antrax (3 months ago)
t800 (5 months ago)
It seems pretty cool.. (i mean yea its just vidlii, but hopefully with SOME moderation) and they just converted some stuff over from betatube too..
t800 (5 months ago)
yo u make ur liivid.co acc??

& I don't think @ function works on channel comments :?, cuz I never got a notification
epic (6 months ago)
@t800: nothing very special on my life, what about u? (ignoring the fact that u sayed that you're trying to use bitview)
t800 (6 months ago)
Yo what's up? I'm trying to use this site some more, but it seems kinda barren:(
Clippy97DiscordLover (6 months ago)
@epic no problem
epic (6 months ago)
@Clippy97DiscordLover: thx
Clippy97DiscordLover (6 months ago)
Happy 50 subscribers to you, epic!
exeloar (6 months ago)
Dinoco's All Mine
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