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My Loved One
Dear Mama (Bass Boosted)
Nobody Does It Better (DJ Screw) (Bass Boosted)
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Bitview is OVER!
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June 28, 2021
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6 days ago
I RARELY USE BITVIEW BY THE WAY ... I just post music I like then bass boost that shit. Might eventually post some other content sooner or later.
Channel Comments (29)
imcarlton (1 month ago)
that's fucked up dude, sorry for your loss
gemm (1 month ago)
@imcarlton Nope.
imcarlton (2 months ago)
you ever find your dog dude
t800 (2 months ago)
Yourgonnabedead22456 (6 months ago)
Cool channel
gemm (7 months ago)
tysm bro ive lost so many dogs especially from death but yeah tysm
imcarlton (7 months ago)
hope you find your dog dude
gemm (8 months ago)
Update with the "My Dog" video:
About a week ago, she had been missing from our front yard. It's weird, because out house is gated up and there's no signs of any holes on them. We'll try our hardest to find her.
Cazzy (8 months ago)
YAY! I'm glad. Purple is the best colour & then black is my second though black & purple together is AMAZING, haha. xD I feel anything goes well with black, it's awesome. x3
Cazzy (8 months ago)
Hell yes, it's my favourite colour as long with black. x3
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