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Feb 22, 2023
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Category:  Entertainment
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Text Comments (16)

AJ (8 months ago) Show Hide
I'm still pissed off that chief never called it TubeYou /j (thanks for preserving this amazing video)
Hush (9 months ago) Show Hide
@RBVStudios WeVidi didn't exist when this video was made.
AOmar (9 months ago) Show Hide
Do you realise that It’s dead and shutdown
Dimpo (9 months ago) Show Hide
It no longer xists
Sonicthehedgeho4 (10 months ago) Show Hide
my favorite video
Dimpo (11 months ago) Show Hide
Bruh Fulptube is dead
RBVStudios (11 months ago) Show Hide
0:52 Where's WeVidi in the falling logos?
AngryThomas (11 months ago) Show Hide
YouTube best
NeoSunDantopf (11 months ago) Show Hide
Am i sexual? YEAAAH!! xDDDDDD
VankoPi6towa (11 months ago) Show Hide
didnt it shut down like a year and a half ago

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